Ionic Smoothing Brush

Ionic Smoothing Brush

Releases millions of ions which instantly smooth hair and eliminate static. Simply brush down hair to simultaneously nourish and detangle strands. Enjoy the convenient portability of the ultimate styling kit to use throughout your day.


  • Millions of Ionic particles Released for Anti-Static & Anti-Frizz Styling
  • Cushion Pad for Cuticle Protection
  • Immediately creates sleek, shiny and smooth hair
  • One-touch Button to start Ionic Generator
  • Lightweight for portability
Ionic Smoothing Brush Product 1

Negative Ion Generator

Eliminates static by producing millions of negative ions at the touch of a button.

Ionic Smoothing Brush Product 2

Detachable Cushion Pad

Easily remove and clean to eliminate any debris after brushing hair.

Ionic Smoothing Brush Product 3

Smart One-Touch Button

Easy to operate and safe for all ages to enjoy rejuvenating and softening hair.

Instant Results

Immediately feel your hair softening and smoothing after one stroke!